UK Dentists

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Elbatrop Ltd.

Find your nearest NHS dentist quickly and easily using your iPhone or Android device!

Search for an NHS dentist around your current location, or look for one in another area (where you may be moving to, or for a friend) via a simple place name or postcode search.

UK Dentists uses the built in GPS on the iPhone/Android mobile to get your current location, but can also locate an iPod Touch in built-up WiFi areas. If your location cannot be determined automatically then you can always enter your post code to get started.

Dataset Name: Location of dental surgeries Dataset URL: Dataset Provider: Health and Social Care Information Centre

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"Quick, get me to a library!"

And so, like Dan Brown, we, those who have an iphone, and find ourselves in urgent need of dental care, can find our nearest NHS Dentist when we are being chased by militant christians who want to stop us cracking the tooth enamel code. Probably.

This app must be a true joy.

But the joy must surely be for the creators, not the users. Where is the ordinary web based user interface?

Seriously, how often do we need a dentist urgently when we also happen to have an iphone? And how facile is the idea of a gps location finder.

"Mavis, my tooth hurts"

"Quick, Arthur, turn on your iphone"

"I don't have the app!"

"Arthur, how many times have I told you not to leave home without the UK NHS Dentist database firmly in your pocket?"

This is a conceit, not a useful application.

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Applications - Free!

A number of the applications including this one seem to be for sale in an app store. Should there not be free versions available to use since it is based on freely available public data?

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It's 59p

That's less than a quarter the price I paid for my coffee on the way to the office this morning! I've downloaded enough dodgy free iphone apps to be grateful to developers who've put some time and effort into their offerings. At that price I can't imagine they're making banker-sized profits!

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I paid the 59p for this app and guess what ? Not an available NHS dentist for miles around !  This app would be much more useful if it showed if the NHS dentist was actually accepting new patients.

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'Service Unavailable'

The app. developer's website seems to be down! Used up their bandwidth (sic) quota for the month?

I haven't looked at the dataset yet, but surely this and the NHS dental practice dataset ought to be imported into OpenStreetMap as map features if possible.

Re: previous anonymous comment: only a 'copyleft' license, like CC-BY-SA, the GNU GPL or ODbL would require the data and/or code to be redistributed for free when it's used in a commercial product. This site claims that data is available under a less restrictive license resembling CC-BY or a BSD-style license, which only requires acknowledgement of the data source. Both of these methods of licensing have their advantages/disadvantages.

In some jurisdictions, like maybe the US, some of these datasets might not even be copyrightable at all, so the license stated on this website would maybe hold no legal weight there and it could be used with no restrictions whatsoever.

And come to think of it, I'm going to have to post anonymously too, because there's no 'Name' field and no explanation why. I guess I'd have to be signed in to have my comment signed with my name or a URI.

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Although the title is UK Dentists, this is misleading since it (currently) only includes information about England; it should include "England" as an additional term.

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I used the same data to build a mobile friendly accessible site

The above dataset does not have phone numbers and is quite aged, I pulled fresh data from NHS choices.

Unlike the app, I also covered Scotland using data from NHS 24 site and Northern Ireland using local NHS spreadsheet and lots of manually researched data.

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