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Economic Policy Centre
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UKCrimeStats is the UK's only crime ranking platform for Neighbourhoods, Police Forces and Streets with maps, analysis and reports. UKCrimeStats also allocates an individual crime id, map and url page for each registered crime.

  For the first time, using the official data of the 43 Police Forces of England and Wales and taking it to a new level of analysis, UKCrimeStats, a free to view website can answer the following questions;

  • Which of the 43 Police Forces has the highest or lowest crime rate/total crime/ type of crime in which month / over the selected months / and how do they rank against one another?
  • Which neighbourhoods in England and Wales have the highest total / violent / vehicle / robbery / other / asbo crime or crime rate in this month or between these 2 months?
  • Which streets in England and Wales had the highest total / violent / vehicle / robbery / other / asbo crime  in this month or between these 2 months?
  • Where does my neighbourhood rank in the Neighbourhood Crime League table? (all neighbourhoods within 5 miles of given postcode)
    About UKCrimeStats

UKCrimeStats is a platform of the Economic Policy Centre, a think tank that aims to close the gap between policy and knowledge in new and innovative ways.

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Site not working

Haven't been able to access this site at all, although it looks useful.

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Golden Info

This is not only helpful for Police, but for the people as well to help lower the crime rates. Information like this are gold, specially that it is now available to the public. This could be an encouragement to local officials and local police to be vigilant and strive to solve any crime quickly. Of course, there are times when difficult to handle cases happened, but atleast this would help lessen crime rates, significantly. Maybe next time, a stats for smokers to be published by health authorities... 

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