UK Bus Checker

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FatAttitude Ltd
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UK Bus Checker uses UK Open Data to provide live bus times and route maps for every stop in the UK!  It is the very first app in the world to do this.

The app works at every one of mainland UK's 300,000 bus stops to show you WHEN the buses are coming - and WHERE they're going.

Key Features:

• Get Live or scheduled bus times for every stop in the UK. ✔• Browse detailed and comprehensive bus route maps. ✔• Real-time information in more than 35 towns/cities ✔• Stop Alerts - wakes you up when you get to your bus stop! ✔• Save, rename and order your favourite bus stops - "mum's house", etc. ✔• Search full UK database of 1.2 million roads, postcodes, towns & cities ✔• Tap on bus numbers to filter the list: see screenshots. • Many other unique features, all with the same slick interface that made our app 'London Bus Checker' a #1 hit. ✔

★ London Bus Checker has been featured on BBC Click, Telegraph Online, The Independent, The Guardian, Wired UK and an App Store 'Staff Favourites' ! ★

UK Bus Checker has been developed using Open Data feeds from along with the official TfL and Traveline realtime bus arrivals information feed.

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