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tripease - easing your trips in London.

The mobile info service for urban mobility.

Imagine ... you are in London downtown, it's 9pm, windy and raining. You are sitting comfortably in a pub, you order another drink and with a quick check on your mobile phone you know you have enough time to catch your next bus home. You finish your drink, put your coat on and get to the bus stop at just the right time.Travel smart and comfortable using these tripease service features:

- Monitor: Get real-time departure information when your tube, bus or train is leaving.

- Route: Plan the best way from your starting point to your destination.

- Map: Use the mobile guide through your city and find out about points of interest.

- Info:Check if there are disruptions on your line before leaving.

tripease London is available for iPhone and Android and is free of charge.

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Well recommended

Really useful app and works perfectly. I find tripease London invaluable when finding my way around the city and it has been really handy when you need to plan your journey ahead. Highly recommend it!

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vey useful app

I couldn't get around London without this application. Very useful, quick, easy to use and accurate. And I like the fresh design.

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London excellence

Very handy application! Very useful for living or visiting London. Recommended!

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Nice application

Works perfectly well and shows the exact time of the public transportation. Very convenient and it'S for free! A must have for all Londoners with a smartphone!!

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