Tax Calculator

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Tax Calculator will give you an indication of how much income tax you should be paying on your income. The calculations are based on the Inland Revenue rates for the tax years up to 2011/2012 and designed to provide you with accurate figures from the information entered.

The calculator also has the option to include additional allowances by ticking the relevant box below during your tax calculation. The other allowances include student loans, blind persons allowance and no NI calculations. If you would like to see how your pension contribution compares to the average you can do so on the average pension contribution page from over 1,000,000 calculations.  Attached are screen shots of a calculation for £22,500.00 for the tax year beginning April 6th 2011 and ending April 5th 2012 and an included personal allowances of £3000. The calculation also includes a pension contribution of 3%. 

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