Self Employment Tax Calculator

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Alex Warner

Using data from HMRC we have created a self employment tax calcualtor which will help show your tax liability if you are working for yourself.

Follow the simple instructions to below to use the calculator:

Salary: - Enter your annual salary (the amount that you earn each tax year (6th April until 5th April the following year)

Age: - Choose from one of the three options.

Student Loan? – Check this box if you are paying back a student loan

Are you Blind? - Check this box if you are registered blind

National Insurance? - If you do not pay national insurance or do not want the calculator to factor in your NI payments, check this box.

Additional Allowances: - If you have any additional allowances you can enter them in this box.

Tax Code (optional): - You can use this box to enter your tax code, if you know it.

Data Set used:

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