Research Funding Explorer

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Talis on behalf of the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS)

A visualisation of linked data from research funding and patents demonstrating the clustering of activity in four technology areas in which the UK is investing heavily and excels. Part of the Making Public Data Public initiative it provides significant insights in to key research teams and their location. When a potential inward investor, for example, asks for hard facts on the clusters of excellence in a specific technology area, the leading universities and firms are available at a click.

Apps submitted to are currently approved for publication on the general level of their context and appropriateness. Whilst we review these on a periodical basis, we do not own responsibility for the regular update and maintenance of these apps. Any queries about individual apps or tools published need to be directed to the originator.


Regions left out

This prototype currently only covers Great Britain, not the whole United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Maybe BIS thinks there is no innovation west of the Irish Sea!

Seriously, it would help if submitters, in their descriptions, made clear the geographical and subject limits of their applications. Some will be local, some limited to one nation. That's OK, just tell us up front.

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This is a very impressive piece of work and highlights the great potential of linking data. Well done BIS and Talis for leading the way. J H Wright - UK researcher

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