Postcode Data Generator

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The Postcode Data Generator allows users to load up a file of up to 5,000 postcodes which in return generates crime and crime rate, environment, population, has been developed by UKCrimeStats as a cost-effective choice for Insurance Companies, Academics, Security Analysts, Police Crime Commissioners, Journalists, Estate Agents, Geospatial Analysts, Policy Professionals and Everyday People.

To match crime, income, population, environmental and other data for your list of UK postcodes, upload below a simple .txt file of postcodes and it will generate a zipped up folder of all related matched data in return. Simple and easy to use for a one-off fee of £19.95, just 5 steps are required. 

1. Upload file

2. Select date range

3. Select other data

4. Submit and pay with Paypal

5. Download your zipped up output files

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