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The Numberhood app for iPhone and iPad shows how your local area fares on the important issues – the economy, unemployment, education, health, crime, housing and community strength. Data is shown for key issues and indicators, with data charts and descriptions to help you understand patterns and trends.

Key features include:

  • Data for all Local Authorities in England, allowing you to compare your area with others, and explore trends over time
  • Data visuals include line-charts, bar-charts and tables
  • Text description of the key data features for every area
  • Free download for the Overview theme, with in-app purchase to access all ten themes and 80+ indicators
  • Regular updates to the data.

Possible users of Numberhood include:

  • Local communities, e.g. needing evidence on the local economy, jobs, skills base and so on to challenge local service delivery, support inward business investment etc.
  • Councillors, MPs and officers in public sector organisations, e.g. wanting up-to-the-minute data on the local area to set priorities, identifying how the local area fares on outcomes against other areas (current position and recent trends), and commissioning local services.
  • Researchers and students: quantitative summary of the local area, in comparison with other areas.
  • House-movers: Wanting info on the local area they are moving into.

Numberhood is currently available for iPhone/ iPad from the App Store, with Android and Blackberry versions in future. The free app covers 11 headline indicators, with an in-app purchase (£1.49p half price introductory offer) opening up 70 more indicators.

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Iphone App

What about android, or are Apple users the only people worth talking to ?

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Android app would be extremely welcome.

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Thirded - Where's my Android app???

Apple has become like Microsoft/IBM in the minds of managers - "no one ever got fired..."

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Given that Android has been

Given that Android has been the most popular mobile OS (in terms on number of handsets in use) for some time now, you have to wonder why tax payers money is being spent on the #2 OS first. Dont get me wrong, I'm not saying dont bother with IOS, just target the greatest percentage of population first. Or beter still, both at the same time.

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supported mobile platforms

Application is developed by private limited company. It's wrong to assume that tax payers funds are spent on developing this app. From development perspective it's easier to create service / product on stable consistent iOS platform and once app proved to be successful then port app to other mobile platforms like Android. Android is a mess - too many incosistencies and variations - whether device features, screen sizes etc. so there's nothing wrong that first app versions are delivered for iOS devices.

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  1. 46.6% of UK citizens who own a smartphone use android - approaching double that of ios.
  2. Yet this site seems ONLY to offer ios apps
  3. As the UK GOVERNMENT who exist and are funded by UK taxpayers, support the majority!

LINK below

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Why we've developed for iPhone

Hello all,

Only just come across these comments, sorry for very late reply. 

We (OCSI - are an independent company. We developed the Numberhood app as a demonstration of the use of government open data. Absolutely no government or public sector money was involved at all. 

At the time we first developed the app, the iPhone was the most widely used smartphone. So we started with that. Since then, we keep meaning to get round to an Android (and / or web-app) version - absolutely agree that this is now a more widely used platform - but never quite find the time to do it.

If we were doing it now, we would most likely go down a web-app route that could be used across mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops etc etc. 

Summing up ... No government money was spent ... Yes, Android would be good ... But, web-app would be better - one day ...

Cheers, Tom.---------------------------------Dr Tom Smith, DirectorOxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI) +44 7966 543 467, tel +44 1273 810 224.

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