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A simple map based MOT centre finder. Use MOT.finder to find your nearest local MOT centre or garage. Enter a postcode and select radius of search.

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This app is useless without filter for class of Mot- cars, bikes etc.

Where can I find an up to date offical list of accrediated centres?

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Opening up Goverment, to smart phone users only?

Why is this an app? Why is there no official list of accredited MOT centres that can be accessed through a web browser and filtered for type of veichle? Pathetic, and even VOSA do not list MOT centres. Why not?

Also (Posted by Anonymous on 10/09/12)...maybe you should actualy give users leaving comments an opportunity to identify themselves rather than asserting their identity as anonymous for them.

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This is due to the Data

This is due to the Data Protection Act.  When testing stations were asked by VOSA if they would like to be added to a list so that people could find their information the majority of testing stations never replied.  Due to this VOSA aren't able to publish the information without their say so.

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I have updated the MOT

I have updated the MOT Centres finder to allow search by class - see (

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