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Lichfield District Council

Gives people in Lichfield District information on:

  • Who their councillors are,
  • Their nearest schools
  • Local streetscene problems (i.e. potholes, abandoned vehicles etc
  • Their nearest recycling centre
  • When their bins are collected
  • Nearby planning applications
  • Local health services

The app uses data from various sources, including,,,, and the NHS choices API.

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In my area

This site makes use of, but I thought the designers of this latter site had to stop providing this excellent service due to disputes with Royal Mail about the use of postcode data. Has there been a resolution to this problem?

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Planning Alerts

It's back up and running now, albeit with reduced postcode accuracy. Hopefully once the outcome of the OS consultation is revealed, everyone will be able to use to PostZon dataset for free!

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