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MAGIC was originally developed in-house by Defra in collaboration with 6 other government departments, using funds from the Invest to Save Budget (a centralised government budget created to help government departments work together in innovative and more
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MAGIC is a public facing website which allows users to view and interrogate map-based environmental scheme and designation information by means of an interactive map, static maps and a dataset information and download facility. There are currently almost 200 datasets available on MAGIC. The service makes use of standard GIS tools to allow people to view and query the available data.

Apps submitted to are currently approved for publication on the general level of their context and appropriateness. Whilst we review these on a periodical basis, we do not own responsibility for the regular update and maintenance of these apps. Any queries about individual apps or tools published need to be directed to the originator.


Closure of MAGIC

Quirky format but invaluable at work. This website needs to be kept going.

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Especially as it makes

Especially as it makes non-governmental data available too.  Presumably wont do this (or will it)?

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Data access

Why are the 200 datasets data not available as a download or live feed from

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