London Bus Stop Live

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Developed by: 
George Palmer and Tom Daniels

London Bus Stop Live is an iPhone/Android app providing live departure information for every bus stop in London regardless of whether it has a countdown display or not. This isn't the timetabled data, it's real time bus departure times as predicted by the onboard GPS system in each bus. There's no more getting wet waiting for buses, no more missing the last bus home and no more wondering if there's time to nip into the shop or not. In fact there's no more waiting for a bus ever again. Welcome to 21st century London.


  • Live bus departure times - Covering all TFLs 20,000 bus stops, this is real time live departure data not the timetabled version
  • See nearby bus stops - The nearest bus stops to where you are standing are instantly shown when the app loads for quick and easy access. Want to see them on a map? No problem just flick to the map view
  • Search for bus stops by name or SMS Code - type in the bus stop name to view live departure times or add it to your favourites. Each bus stop in London now has a SMS code on it which you can also search by to find your stop quicker.
  • Find bus stops on map - know where the bus stop is but not sure what it's called? Unsure where you are and want to find the nearest bus stops? With our nifty map feature it's easy to look around and find bus stops
  • Alarm feature - most people take the same buses each day at roughly the same time. With our innovative alarm feature you can set an alarm each day and it will automatically show you the live bus departure times. Set it for when you get out the shower so you know whether to run and make that bus or have a relaxed breakfast with extra time to get dressed. You can optionally specify your walk time and it will tell you how long it is before you need to leave the house! Say goodbye to stressful (or wet) mornings
  • Add bus stops to favourites and access on the front screen - any bus stop can be added to your favourite list so when you load up the app it's instantly available for you to view
  • Bus stop letters - most bus stops in London have a letter to help identify them from nearby ones with the same name. Our app shows the letters show you can be sure you're at the right stop.
  • Native interface - every part of our app uses the standard iPhone/Android guidelines for interface design meaning the app is easy to use and you won't be getting confused on what to press next.
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