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The Local Postbox is an online resource for you to find your closest postboxes. It pin points the location of Royal Mail postboxes using google maps, shows the best route by car and tells you the distance along with the collection times on weekdays and Saturday.

The site is also responsive so works well on mobile devices.

The data unfortunately is not 100% correct or complete.

Dataset Provider: Royal Mail

Royal Mail Post Boxes Dataset URL: http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/location_of_every_post_box_that

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Finding late collection post box

Why can royal mail never answer a single question or even take you to a page which might give even a hint of an answer.  All I wanted to know was the latest postbox for collecting post near to where I live. A simple enough question you might think, not for Royal Mail, seemingly.

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Nice design, doesn't work

An excellently designed website that looks lovely and I suspect it also looks beautiful on phones etc.

Alas it just returns "Location not found" whatever I search for.  My postman is far from beautiful, but at least he does an excellent job.

Ah ha, before posting this I wanted to double check the error message and now it works!  To the postbox go I.  Lovely, but temperamental.

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