Levenes Cycle Injury Accident Map

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Levenes Solicitors

Levenes Solicitors have recently launched a new website featuring a map, developed specifically for the cycling community, which contains cycle accidents on the UK roads between 2005 and 2010. It is completely free to use and will be updated as and when more data becomes available.

Using the data supplied by the Police via the the Deparment for Transport it has been filtered out to just show accidents involving cyclists. The points are displayed by a colour coded severity (slight, severe, fatal) and each point can be clicked on for more information. You can also use the google street view feature to jump into the map and take a look round in first person.

From the commuter who wants to work out a quieter route to the office to the parent who has an interest in the cycle safety in their area and the cycling group that wishes to use the map to back up one of their campaigns. We hope the map will prove invaluable to cyclists of all skill levels.

Levenes offer a specialised no win no fee legal service for cyclists and have also populated the map with some of the claims they have helped settle. The aim of the map being to highlight areas of concern for cyclists and cycling groups to use however they want and to ultimately help improve the roads for all of us.  The map is located here - http://www.cycleinjury.co.uk/map

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