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British Geological Survey

What is iGeology?

iGeology is a new free iPhone App from the British Geological Survey that lets you take a geological map of Britain with you wherever you go to help you learn about the rocks beneath your feet. And with the phone's GPS, you'll know exactly where you are.  A version for Android users will soon be made available.

Who can use iGeology?

Amateur geologists and school/university students can learn more about their landscape wherever they are in Britain.  I wonder what my house is built on?  What are the rocks called?  Geology comes to life when you learn about it in the in the great outdoors. iGeology gives you access to the national scale and 1:50 000 scale maps of the UK. Walkers can use it wherever they roam and mobile coverage allows map loading.

iGeology is intended for non-commercial use e.g. private study, research and educational activities.  More about BGS digital data licensing.


iGeology builds on the British Geological Survey's release of OpenGeoscience - a web portal offering free access to BGS maps, photos, reports, data downloads and software — for non-commercial users.  iGeology uses the same street-level scale geological mapping web services that attracted 250,000 visitors when launched on 7th December 2009 and makes them readily available to smartphone users.

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iGeology is Awesome

Thanks, this is a great app.

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Very good

Only obvious improvement I would suggest is to make it possible to remove drift geology layer. In relatively complicated areas (eg. Highland Boundary Fault in the Mearns) it is difficult to see what is going on with the bedrock because the fluvioglacial deposits are themselves nontrivial.

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