How Many Left?

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Oliver Smith

See how many cars of any make and model are still on the road in the UK.

Search to find licensing and SORN statistics for every make and model of car registered in the UK.

Data comes direct from the Department for Transport, and is regularly updated.

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great tool

what a cool tool. really interesting.

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Interesting, but much more so

Interesting, but much more so for earlier cars. Is there data for 50s and60s era"?

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how many left

could you please tell me how many of my cars are left on the road it is a  jaguar xj6 300 series 1995 4 litre sport. 

thanks in anticipation

 Paul  Eastick

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Cant get old cars

Anybody asking "what about old cars" etc - the about page says "it can only locate cars registered after SORN was introduced" as the government doesn't have/publish the older data

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