House Price and Mortgage Payments Comparison

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Ray Arman

How Have Changing House Prices and Interest Rates Affected Mortgage Payments In The Last 14 Years?

With a combination of data from the Bank of England and Land Registry we have provided a easy to use breakdown of how mortgage payments and house prices have changed over the last 14 years.

The data provided for house prices is the Median House Price from town, city, region and country level. The median is exactly in the middle of the house prices - with 50% of prices above and 50% below.

The Bank of England provide their collated information of lenders rates for each month going back to 1963, for a variety of differing mortgage deal types, including Fixed, Variable, Discount and SVR (Standard Variable Rate)

We have created quarterly averages of their data to enable it's use against the quarterly data provided by the Land Regsitry.

To use, go to our mortgage calculator website and select the historic mortgage comparison from our menu of mortgage and loan calculators.

  1. Start entering the name of a location in England/Wales - you will see a list of matching records and can then select one.
  2. Select the type of mortgage deal - we will produce the interest rates for this type of deal through out the time period you select.
  3. Select the time period to compare over.
  4. You will see the summary of your search, as well as a table of payments, house price changes and mortgage payments. A interactive chart is also produced below the table, which will allow you to see the changes in any form you choose!
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