Grace's auto guide

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James Irwin

Before you buy any car/bike or van Grace's Auto Guide will help you figure what it will cost you to run. When you're spending a lot of money on a car, the more information to help you make the right choice, the better.



  •  Price information from Parkers, Glass's ...;
  •  Test drive/review from Which?Car, Top-Gear ...;
  •  HPI/DVLA/Police checks for write-off information.

This application draws together nearly three hundred million rows of (licensed) Government safety inspection data, independently gathered, with no interest in selling you one vehicle over another.

The information summarizes over a hundred million MOT test results for all popular makes & models to show you why cars/bikes or vans like the one you're looking at fail. Expensive problems like a corroding chassis or a cheap, five minute, wiper blade replacement?

Additional information on fuel economy and 'car tax' is included for over thirty thousand makes/models.

Contains Crown Copyright data used under license. All data sources (HM Government Department for Transport agencies) for analysis are independent of manufacturers or their representatives.

WiFi connection recommended. Approximately 10s to load statistics over cellular connection.

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