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GP Ratings iPhone app rates all 8,344 GP Surgeries in England by mining the 11 million responses from the Department of Health’s national GP Patient Survey.  With an average of 191 patient responses per question, app users can now make informed choices about their healthcare.

Patients enter their postcode or use the inbuilt GPS technology to locate their closest GP surgeries. The resulting list of local surgeries is star rated enabling users make detailed comparisons between healthcare providers. The app displays the ratings provided for the following questions:

  • Would patients recommend their GP Surgery to others?
  • Are patients able to see a Dr. within 2 working days?
  • Are patients satisfied with their ability to see a preferred Dr.
  • Are patients satisfied with the care they received?
  • Do patients have confidence and trust in their Dr.?
  • Do patients feel their Dr. involves them in decisions about their care?
  • Are patients happy with the surgery opening hours?

Mark Barrett, of said, “When I moved house my family and I registered with our local surgery. However, we weren’t happy with the care our son received.

“After searching online, I realised I didn’t have enough feedback from other patients to help me make an informed choice about the best GP surgery to register with. So instead I used Government Transparency Data and found that by linking up different spreadsheets I could find a better GP surgery that I knew listened to their patients and could see us quickly.

“I decided to use data to build a simple app, transforming the data into star ratings so others could make informed decisions about their healthcare too.”

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Version 1.1 update

The app has moved from using 11m pieces of patient feedback to 42 million pieces of patient feedback. 

As well as Doctors, the app now contains ratings for Nurses, receptionist staff, & outcomes measures for Cancer, Asthma, and Diabetes & CHD. On average each surgery has 5,000 patients responses and outcome. The indicators are now:

  • Would patients recommend their GP Surgery to others?
  • Are patients happy with the surgery opening hours?
  • How helpful was the receptionist?
  • Are patients able to see a doctor within 2 working days?
  • Do patients have confidence and trust in their doctor?
  • Do patients feel their doctor involves them in decisions about their care?
  • Was it easy to get an appointment with a nurse?
  • Did the nurse explain tests and treatments?
  • Did the nurse treat patients with care & concern?
  • Were eligible women screened?
  • Were blood pressure test recently completed for patients with Coronary Heart Disease?
  • Were asthma patients recently given an asthma review?
  • Did cancer patients recently have a cancer review?
  • Was retinal screening recently completed for diabetes patients
  • The number of male and female GPs at each surgery.
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