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A nightly cache of job vacancy details culled from the Jobcentreplus, Jobseekers Direct and EURES web-sites. This FTP site also has data from DELNI JobcentreOnline (the Northern Irish Department of Employment and Learning's web-based Job posting system) held separately. The data is presented as Comma Separated Values (CSV) files together with READ-MEs and so forth. The data is held FTP site.

Apps submitted to data.gov.uk are currently approved for publication on the general level of their context and appropriateness. Whilst we review these on a periodical basis, we do not own responsibility for the regular update and maintenance of these apps. Any queries about individual apps or tools published need to be directed to the originator.


Not only FTP but JSON (and RSS and e-mail)

The raw ftp-feed has been joined by a taster of a home-grown Application Programming Interface. This employs JSON to give a controlled but direct access to the JCP Mirror Database, from when the ftp-feed springs. Find more at http://home.zois.co.uk:591. Needless to say there's RSS and e-mail feeds too. Visit the web-site to find them.

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Twitter feed JCP data

There's now an experimental Twitter feed using data from Maryport, Workington and Whitehaven JCP Offices (@zois_jcpm). Examine this and provide feedback. A national system is obviously on the cards.

As part of this work a URL linking service has been provided for linking to original vacancies both in the Mirror but also the Jobseekers Direct site, complete with a shorter URL.

Rummage around on the ZOIS Blog for more.

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Jobcentre Twitter Feeds

There are now a number of pilots running, though not anything national. The original West Cumbria pilot has been renamed to @JCPM_WCumbria and has been joined by a number of others, both for Cumbria and some other offices as well. As this is still in a state of flux, I'd suggest you head over the Blog, where one will find http://blog.zois.co.uk/jobcentre-plus-mirror-and-twitter. The Blog seemed the best place for this, at the moment, but in time something more formal may be written. Enthusiasm, and Lassitude, can be influenced by Feedback.

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This Data Now Closed

There's a new site (http://jobsearch.direct.gov.uk) which, although relatively easy to scrape, comes with a new set of Terms and Conditions which disallows scraping. It no longer has a Fair Use policy either. The Department of Work and Pensions have confirmed all this and I'm therefore obliged to shut this service down. The fact that I've had to do it on an Government Open Data forum is not with irony, don't you think.

The DELNI feed has similarly been effected by the introduction of a new set of Terms and Conditions, and by Capchas, which is a significant line in the sand.

More can be seen in the blog http://blog.zois.co.uk and the closure statement on the site http://home.zois.co.uk/jcpclosure.html

I'm sorry if you or your organisation were relying on this feed. Thank you for your interest.

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UJM Scraped with new FTP Feed

Universal Jobmatch have recently changed their Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). This replacement to Jobseekers Direct did not allow scraping and this was why the JCPM was closed. The new T&Cs do allow scraping so this has recommenced to a limited degree. You can follow this in the Blog using the UJM tag.

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