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Max Thorley
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I've created an ANDROID app that does the following:

By simply entering your car registration number and make you will have direct access to its current and historical TAX /MOT information in a matter of seconds via the DVLA and  other sources.

Always good to check before buying a car!


*  Road Tax status
*  MOT Status
*  MOT History
*  Search history
*  The date it was first registered
*  SORN status
*  Vehicle colour
*  Engine size
*  Year of manufacture
*  CO2 emissions
*  Current vehicle tax rate
*  Highlight - Advisory notices
*  Highlight - Reasons for failure
*  Mileage by graph
*  Add notes to all your searches for keepsake
*  Add pictures to your library of notes and searches

Best of all its FREE & NO Ads!

Much more to come!..stay tuned!

Coming soon:

**Email Reports**
**PDF Downloads**
**Previous Owners**
**Stolen Status**
**Reminder / Alerts**

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Creeping featurism request

If possible it'd be great to ahve the following two features:

Vehicle VIN (so it can be compared)

A link to the DVLA's "report untaxed vehicle" webpage

There are a large number of untaxed vehicles floating around along with cars on fake/cloned plates. Being able to more easily detect/report them would go along way towards getting them off the roads.

Even nicer would be a way of OCRing the license plate and VIN plates for ease of entry (using google's OCR library?)

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