CycleStreets Bikedata - collisions, traffic counts, cycle theft, cycleability ratings, photos, and more

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Bikedata, a new site from CycleStreets (a Cambridge-based social enterprise), provides cycling advocates and professionals around the UK with a 'one-stop shop' for data that helps them in their work.

Getting more people cycling means improving the infrastructure on our streets so that everyone, whatever ability or level of confidence, is able to cycle easily and safely. Getting changes on the ground involves both a solid factual case for improvements as well as making an emotional case. For instance, reducing speed limits to tame traffic relies on having good access to collision data to demonstrate that there is a problem.

The site gives direct, free access to UK data for:

  • Collisions - including full details of each collision
  • Traffic counts
  • Planning applications
  • Cycleability ratings of every street and path
  • Road/path widths
  • Cycle theft
  • Trip length (from CycleStreets journey planner)
  • Problems reported by cyclists
  • Photos (72,000+ images) of cycling-related infrastructure, categorised
  • Cycling advocacy groups around the UK
  • … and more

In most cases, you can use filtering controls to show what you want to find. For instance, you can filter collision data to showing serious/fatal collisions at junctions. Or, perhaps you’d like to see all the reported places where cycle parking is needed.

You can enable multiple layers at once. Our aim with this will be to enable various correlations, e.g. showing how high pollution and traffic levels in an area might result in low levels of cycling.

You can also draw over an area to filter to that area, for several layers. Some layers also have an export facility enabled, so that you can easily obtain a spreadsheet of the same data as the map is showing.

We're now working to add new comparison facilities – we want to bring out the policy implications hidden in this data.

The site makes heavy use of the CycleStreets cycle journey planning API suite at, from where this data can also be obtained.

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