Crime Stats Quiz

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Chris Taggart, Rupert Reddington

A fun and quick quiz to test people's perception of crime with the actual statistics.

Although you can access outside of Facebook (current url for non-facebook version is: -- may change), the point is to get people involved who wouldn't normally access crime stats.

Being Facebook, they can share with their friend, or post the results to their newsfeed. No sign-in is required, and the quiz should take no more than a minute to complete (6 questions)

The answers are collected, so that you can analyse by area and crime type what perceptions are.

Dataset Name: Police api
Dataset URL:
Dataset Provider: NPIA

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UK Crime Statistics Quiz

This seems to cover only England and Wales, not the UK. Is this correct?

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I like the idea. Some improvements might be to specify on the first page how the user should enter the area (postcode seems to be most accurate), and to give a bit more detail on the results - i.e. the numerical crime rates as well as just average/above average etc.

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I've wondered for years how abolition of the death penalty has affected the murder rate. I've not seen any published studies and can't find the data I need here.

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