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If you would like to know where and when any road traffic crashes happened in your neighbourhood CrashMap is the place for you. CrashMap allows users to:

  • Freely search the whole country seeing where crashes have occurred
  • Filter crashes by the year in which they took place
  • Quickly see which of these were the most serious
  • See the precise date on which the incident occurred

If you would like to know more details about the crash you can then view and download a more detailed report.

CrashMap uses data collected by the police about road traffic crashes occurring on British roads where someone is injured. This data is approved by the National Statistics Authority and reported on by the Department for Transport each year. This site uses data obtained directly from official sources but compiled in to an easy to use format showing each incident on a map.

It is the only up-to-date online map of the UK crash database and contains over a million incidents.

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Brilliant - & about time!

There has been a long standing need for this data to be made available to the public in a decent format; very glad that someone has finally done it!  I think I can even stand paying the click charge to download one of the full reports; if its one that I really want.

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Safety or Cash

Now with this data we can easily check if the scamra vans parked in the area are really there to improve road safety or not. In fact I already have. It's for cash - there are no serious or fatal incedents in the location (A37 Whitchurch Bristol between New Fosseway and West Town Lane - a favorite location for Scamming as it's a dual carriageway with a 30mph limit).

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A quid for an individual search seems excessive.

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cash cow

ud realy like the same done for speed (sorry revenue) cameras

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OSGR and Google Maps

How does the licensing work?  I presume that the locations of the collisons use Ordnance Survey grid references or have at least been derived from OS grid references?  As I understand it, Google Map's Terms & Conditions enforce user rights on OS data that OS will not agree to.  Therefore, you can't then put collision locations atop Google Maps?

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Google Maps & OS data

Google Maps uses the WGS84 projection, not OSGR.  OSGR does not equal OS data anyway, it's just a projection!

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no info for N. ireland,UK

No data for Northern Ireland, UK ?

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