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A must-have for anyone who commutes or travels in the UK. Commuter is the first and only app that integrates LIVE information on UK transport services National Rail, Tube, Overground and DLR in one simple view on one screen.

The key differentiators when compared to other UK travel apps are:

  • live train, service and station information for all train services in the UK, i.e. National Rail, London Overground, Docklands Light Rail and London Underground
  • dashboard view of your journey covers all combinations of these services, alternatives are available   
  • itineraries for any combination of these services
  • sharing of departure boards, itineraries and routes can be done via Facebook, SMS and email
  • dashboard applies filters to show only the trains traveling in the direction of your destination
  • trains that are traveling in the direction of the destination but do not stop are clearly indicated alerting you to the risk of boarding the wrong train
  • information about station facilities is provided 
  • favourite journey routes can be stored and stations given alias names e.g. ‘mum’s place’, ‘work’
  • app is free to use with scheduled information provided for London Overground and UK National Rail. A paid for subscription is required to get live data covering London Overground and UK National Rail, a free 10 day trial is also available for these services.

Please take a look at a brief (90sec) video demo here showing setting a route:


app store:



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Great app

Easy to use and gives me the info I want. So far is the best travel app I have used.

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Best transport APP

Don't waste time use commuter. One app instead of several to get you from A to B ON TIME !

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naff apps for i-devices only! wake up gov, more people use the android platform than ios, so you are alienating more than half of the nation. waste of tax money

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Android please?

App looks great. Please devlop in Android too!

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  1. 46.6% of UK citizens who own a smartphone use android - approaching double that of ios.
  2. Yet this site seems ONLY to offer ios apps
  3. As the UK GOVERNMENT who exist and are funded by UK taxpayers, support the majority!

LINK below

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Read the above!

as it says above, the app is not created by DATA.GOV.UK and was created by an indervidual wishing to help out. so please bear that in mind

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Favouring one company over others

It looks like clear partiality that this app is only supplied for Apple platform. Surely this breaks rules about not showing favour? I don't have an iPhone. But I'm entitled to have access to this public data.

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Give them a chance

As a technician i have experence with programming and have designed a few of my own apps, how ever it takes time for apps to be developed (6-12 months), and it can be easer to develop in IOS. it can then be tested, after testing the app for a while (Fearther 6-12 months or longer), and the test results are good, then they can start developing on the much harder to code platforms. by the way the app was created on the 20/03/2012 and for what the app is required to do, i dont think it has been fully tested yet. Plus as it says above, the app is not created by DATA.GOV.UK and was created by an indervidual wishing to help out. so please bear that in mind when having go. 

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