British Embassy Finder widget for Wordpress Sites

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Andy Wrigley

A British Foreign Mission (Embassy, Consulates etc) locator, designed for use on Wordpress sites that provide help and assistance to British Nationals abroad. 

Typing a country into the search box will provide details for all British Foreign Missions in that country (each with a displayable map). A search by city will only provide details, for any British Foreign Mission(s) in that city (if any).

Using a feed from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office the widget provides contact details, visiting hours etc plus a map for any British Foreign Mission worldwide.

The information is of course available direct from the FCO, but this widget provides an easy search facility, and additionally provides maps which are not provided on the FCO site.

This widget will only work on Wordpress (millions of sites use this). Wordpress sites, can customise the widget to match the look of their site. There are options label and button text, colours, width and alignment.

The widget is demo'd on this <a href="">Wordpress Travel Blog</a>. Use the App URL link for more information and installation instructions.

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