AAA Medical for NHS Hospitals

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AAA Medical is a free electronic health record (EHR) and workflow app that works in the connected world but also for the 4.6bn people who live in the unconnected world. AAA works when you have a connection but more importantly it works when you don’t.

The largest 110 NHS hospitals are built in – Wards & Beds – Contacts – Tel numbers – Floor plans – A fully working GPS aware model of each hospital is built in and can be created in seconds. You then invite colleagues to work and collaberate within this shared dynamic environment.

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AAA Medical is 'Occasionally Connected'. Idoes not need a constant connection to the web. It employs a technology called 'State Machine replication in distributed computing' - It does not just 'interpret text', it manipulates objects and then re-aligns their effect in time. This allows it to give tasks\jobs\workflow a given 'state' at specific points in time. This allows it's users to coordinate and record healthcare data in unconnected parts of the world. About 4.6bn people globally have no connection to the web and in the U.K. 17m people have poor connectivity. There are also 525 areas in the U.K. with NO connectivity. AAA has a full Domiciliary system built in. Treat patients and record their data anywhere.

All AAA data including chat is 256bit AES encrypted at all times and held securely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Data is encrypted on the device, whilst being transmitted or received and when stored in the cloud. 

A video of AAA Medical in use is also available on YouTube HERE

Other features Include

Consult with anyone anywhere on the planet  (up to 30 members in a group)
Largest 110 UK NHS Teaching hospitals built in - Ward Numbers, contacts and GPS
Works Off line - Once it's set up - No internet required

Encrypted Group Chat
Use your own stationary and forms
Dynamic workflow - mimic the exact processes and terminology you use now
Track faults and infections
ICD10 lookups even when off-line
Built in Panic alarm
Add patient notes as pdf, word, audio video or images
Full Microsoft, Google and Apple calendar integration
Cloud based in MS-Azure HIPAA data centres
AAA is Secure - Even group chat is AES encrypted
Securely email AES encrypted patient data
Create Domiciliary systems
It's Free !

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