'Silicon Valley comes to the UK' – Appathon 2011

Selected Government datasets list

These datasets are for use in the 'Silicon Valley comes to the UK' appathon. They have been sourced from across government.

You will find the data in numerous formats. data.gov.uk has processed some selected datasets and exported them as SQLITE database files. These have been provided as standalone databases for use in your Apps and are recommend as a good starting point. You can either link directly to them or download them locally. We have provided links to source pages and explanatory pages which contain explanation and guidance about the data. If you are developing on Android, then you will need to alter the tables in order to use them. See this useful information about using sqlite in android applications. If you are developing on Windows Phone see this article about using SQLite in a Windows Pnone app.

If you can't find a dataset that interests you, then you can use our data search to explore over 7000 government datasets in data.gov.uk.


Primary schools performance table (key stage 2) - underlying data (for England)

Secondary schools performance table (GCSE and equivalent) - underlying data (for England)

School and college performance table (key stage 5)- underlying data (for England)

Participation in Education, Training and Employment by 16-18 Year Olds in England

Salary of graduates by course topic (National Student Survey)

General qualifications dataset (GCSE and GCE results for 2006-2011)

Registered childcare providers and places in England, June 2011

Education Endpoints

Sector quartile averages for the National Student Survey

Data for all institutions:

You can find further details here.


    2008 Local Authority Carbon Dioxide Figures

    Central Government carbon footprint, 1990 to 2008

    Fixed penalty notices for litter

    Fixed penalty notices for graffiti

    Fixed penalty notices for flyposting

    Fixed penalty notices for noise

    Fixed penalty notices for abandoned vehicles

    Fixed penalty notices for nuisance parking

    Fixed penalty notices for street litter control

    Fixed penalty notices for street litter clearance

    Fixed penalty notices for distribution of literature

    Fixed penalty notices for waste transfer

            River Water Quality (Regions)


            A&E attendances: Provider level analysis (experimental statistics), 2009-10

            • Publisher: Hospital Episode Statistics: the Information Centre
            • Source home page

            Doctor's surgeries

            KSI Casualties at Highway Authority level in Great Britain

            Sitereps critical care

            Beds Open Overnight

            Cancer waiting times, April to June 2011


            Inpatient and Outpatient Waiting Times statistics

            Referral to Treatment Waiting Times Statistics

            Mixed-Sex Accommodation

            Cancelled Elective Operations

            NHS 111 Minimum Data Set

            Emergency Activity and Critical Care Capacity

            Additional data

            Playgrounds in the London Borough of Sutton

            Live traffic feeds (RSS)


            • Publisher: BusinessLink (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)
            • Source data

            Reference data

            Boundary data - local authorities

            Boundary data for NHS regions (SHAs) - codes

            Standard Names and Codes (SNAC) database

            A history of electoral wards/divisions in England and Wales since Census Day 1991

            The definitive area names and codes used in statistical production

            Spreadsheet listing the names and codes of the electoral wards/divisions by local authority occurring in each health authority across the UK

            Data from your university


            • University of Southampton Buildings

              This report lists most of the University of Southampton buildings, along with the building ID code, lat and long, which site or campus it is on, and if available a photograph and link to a report on disabled access.

              Access as:
               SPARQL Query | JSON | Comma-Separated Values | XML | SQLite

            • University of Southampton Points of Sale/Service

              This report lists most desks, faculty offices and coffee shops at the University, plus local trainstations, parking, places of worship and other things useful to members or visitors to the university.

              Access as:
               SPARQL Query | JSON | Comma-Separated Values | XML | SQLite

            Other University Data

            While at the moment, only a few institutions are providing open data, the number is increasing all the time.

            List of UK universities known to be producing (or planning) open data services

            Appathon data API

            We have provided a live api for some of the datasets in a 'webstore' to help get your app running quickly.
            We will be hosting this data for you, so you are more than welcome to use it in your live applications. This could mean that all you need to do is write javascript and not worry about any server side issues.
            You can also upload data to into our webstore (details below) so that you can share data or simply to avoid writing your own api.

            The datasets are based here:

            And the documentation for the webstore can be found here:

            Example: using the API 

            Here is an example dataset:

            If you just want the data for the year 2006 from that dataset, you can get this by changing the address like so:

            To get the csv file add '.csv':

            For JSON:

            If you just want jsonp (you may need this if calling cross domain, even though we support cors too):

            Uploading data to the webstore

            We have set up a user account for you to upload data. The account is appathon_user and password appathon. You can either upload a list of arbitrary json objects or formatted csv. If the keys are not there a new column will be created.

            Example: Running the following will add 2 rows of data to the test table:

            curl -d '[{"col1": "data", "col2": "data2"}, {"col1": "data3", "col2": "data4"}]' -u appathon_user:appathon -i -H "Content-type: application/json" http://webstore.dgu.okfn.org/appathon_user/test?table=test

            Csv example: 

            curl --data-binary @/tmp/csvfile.csv -u appathon_user:appathon -i -H "Content-type: text/csvhttp://webstore.dgu.okfn.org/appathon_user/test?table=test

            Full detailed documentation see: 

            Please get in touch if you need any more help.

            CKAN Team

            Contact details:
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