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trailing comma after each row

Dear Data.Gov guys

First of all, great service, thanks!

Observation Data

Issue 1

Each row of data (except the header row) has a comma at the end. This is causing my ETL to think there is one more column than there is. Please remove



"3002","BALTASOUND (3002)","60.7490","-0.8540","Orkney & Shetland","00:00","2014-06-01","SSW","6","","22000","8.20","1021","F","(Black) Low-level cloud",

should be:

"3002","BALTASOUND (3002)","60.7490","-0.8540","Orkney & Shetland","00:00","2014-06-01","SSW","6","","22000","8.20","1021","F","(Black) Low-level cloud"

Issue 2

The filename is some sort of hash (egĀ 9e5b22cc3327481991e5ffb3245a34a8.csv). Can you change this to "Observations_[Location code or All]_yyyymmdd_hhmm.csv"

Daily Forecast and Three-Hourly Forecast

Only text datums have speech-mark text qualifiers. Please can you use speech-mark text qualifiers on all the fields or none of theĀ fields. Preferably all.

Other comments

If poss, please can we choose alternative delimiters. Eg tab, pipe (|), dollar ($).



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