Simple visualisation of short-term and long term economic trends

Web page showing hierachically structured coloured boxes enabling users a direct view and assessment on the economy of today and its trends.

In the centre of attention: GDP box
and around that in the first circle the GDP components: Consumtion box, Investment box, Governmental Expenditure box, Trade balance box,
followed by boxes of typical business cycle indicators for each of the GDP components displayed in the second circle. In the third circle the boxes of typical long-term growth variables which are the driving forces behind the business cycle indicators.

Box (can be any shape, configurable)
- each box has a colour reflecting the current status of the variable (e.g. green=good/better, red=bad/worse, orange)
- each box contains by mouse-over a short explanation of the variable and links to its data and meta-data

Time panel
- panel below the graph for controlling dynamic display in time.

- copy function for embedding the html-code in user's pages.

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Thomas Werkhoven


Is there a data feed for this?

Does anyone know an updated data source which could be used for mashup and visualization of this?

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Something along the same lines...

Sorry for taking 3 years to reply! My headline economic indicators page ( is based on a similar concept, although it presents the data as line charts rather than traffic light indicators. Your suggestions for variables are good - i'll have a think about how to incorporate more of these.

To answer Anonymous's comment, the Quandl API ( looks like a good solution, although I haven't yet tried it. The time-series datasets on the ONS website have a CSV download option, which is how I get the data for my site.


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