see how my MP has voted on Government bills

I should appreciate seeing what ideas my MP supports (or not) so that I can make an informed judgement at voting times

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M. Tunnicliffe


Excellent idea. I feel this

Excellent idea. I feel this is very important as MPs are there to represent their constituency thus such voting should be open.

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Public Whip

The results of divisions are published in Hansard, and this is collated in an easy-to-read form on the Public Whip site:

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MPs divisions

But why not on this site.

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MP voting

Hi Gina,

Thank you for your post.  At present this information is not published to - although as has been pointed out in this thread, there are currently a number of web sites who collate this information and present it in a user friendly way to enable you to search on how a MP has voted.  We collate a list of requests for data sets to be made available via and will add your request to this.

Many thanks,


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Can't you already do this at:

Just convince them to release the underlying data as linked data.

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