Save postal costs to the unemployed and job seekers

As an unemployed person currently receiving Job Seekers allowance I have received a number of communications regarding changes in the level of Job Seekers allowance etc. It struck me that as I am among another 2 million of so unfortunates in the same position; each time a standard communication like this is produced, a copy must be created, placed in an envelope, addressed and posted to me all at a cost. I estimated the cost to be say 50p plus. Therefore I suggest that the creation and distribution of these communications be decentrallised. The process would somewhat in the order of the following:

a. my database record receives a flagging message from the central database and thus the next time my record is opened (typically when I sign on), the member of the job centre staff is notified that the is effectively mail awaiting delivery to me. 

b. the member of staff presses and on screen button and prints the letter for me.

c. the member of staff hands me the communication.

d. my database record now contains a flag saying that I have been delivered the record.

Thus saving around 48p of the 50p (plus) required for envelopes, post etc.

If my estimates are in anyway close to being realistic this could save the government £1 million everytime a standard communication is set for delivery.

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J Andrews


The funds are used to help

The funds are used to help run the post service which stuggles to balence the books otherwise and will need a direct subsidy that will swallow the cost of the saving idea but apart from this idea it would save money within the DWP.

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waste money to save it?

Is this objection by Govanus an example of the "Broken Window Fallacy"?

Whilst those funds might no longer support the Post Office the funds will either be used for purchasing goods and services within government or saved for the tax-payer and used by them supporting jobs elsewhere.

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Would it not be easier if

Would it not be easier if everything was sent to you via email?  

If you don't have an email address then the first thing they need to do when you sign-on is to teach you how to get a free (and usel) email from Google/Live/Yahoo.  

If you don't have a computer, a computer kiosk should be made available at the job centre to allow you to access your email or go to your local library.  

No post, no paper!

Umm - too simple a solution I guess.

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