Release of realtime train running info on national rail

Unsure if the government actually owns this data or not...

At the moment I can look at live departure boards for any UK station online. But if someone asks me "where is the 12:30 from birmingham" the only way I can find out is to phone national rail enquiries. They use an extended version of the web services API available to the public - but whereas the public API can only see departure/arrival board info, the extended API also enables staff to query based on a specific train service, independant of a particuular station. It wopuld be very handy if this level of info could be made available to "normal " people...

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Ben Barker


I don't know if it is

I don't know if it is National, but in the First Capital Connect area you can already see a trains progress as expected v. actual along a journey at all stops. No help though if you are at the first stop :)

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Hi - do you mean

Hi - do you mean this:

This uses the existing public API and shows live departure or arrials boards for any First Capital Connect station. While it does show details for each service currently on the boards, which
is great for people wanting to travel from a particular station, but less good for those waiting for others to arrive.

If I know that a timetabled train left Glasgow for London at, say, 12:00 I have no way of finding its current status. It will soon have dissapeared off the Glasgow departure board, and may not appear on the London arrivals borad for many hours. Short of trying every station in between it can be hard to locate the service - especially if it is delayed or diverted.

What is really needed is the ability to query based purely on scheduled service, independant on station (or at least I think so :-) )

This data does exist. The public (limited) API is here:

I have implemented that one here:

The fully featured one, including the ability to search by service, does exist...but only in call centres :-(

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train status

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Train Apps

I don't know if this is any help to anyone, but I personally always use the Trans Pennine Express train app to tell me what times the trains are. Im not too sure if it still does it, but it used to tell me if my trains were delayed when I frequently travelled from Manchester to London. To get the app, I just searched for it on my phone, but sur eyou can find something about it if you have a look on their website: .

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I've just seen

I've just seen this from the 22nd March 2010:

Of particular interest is this quote from Gordon Brown:

"Public transport timetables and real-time running information is currently owned by the operating companies," says Brown.

"But we will work to free it up - and from today we will make it a condition of future franchises that this data will be made freely available."

Now according to Wikipedia, the first rail franchise renewal isn't until 2011:

But once one company releases this info, I would assume all would, so as not to be at a disadvantage :-p

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We really need an open trains time api .......

given the adverse weather England has been experiencing, it is more important than ever that the Train companies release their travel information.

We are met with train delays and apologies and when the trains arrive they are heavily overcrowded. In addition, we can expect to pay more for these services.

Why can they not release the travel information so developers like me can inovate, create and give travellers some extra help in planning their journeys - especially in these kinds of conditions

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Any update on the status of this request?

I would like to include National Rail data in my application, but I think that National Rail are still charging for the use of this data. Has there been any progress on opening up this data?

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re: Release of realtime train running info on national rail

Anyone have an update on this?  Should have been released by the end of April, shouldn't it?

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