Provide a feed for river levels and flow rates

It is about time you made this data public. What is wrong with you people? Is it your precious?

I wanted to build a pilot website for river levels for the EA back in 2000. No one understood it. I offered to provide automated SMS alerts when levels reached certain trigger points. Now, with everyone having a smart phone, an app would be childs play. But impossible unless you people release the data. What is the problem?

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Dave Berkeley


flood warnings and river levels

It's perhaps not so fine grained as you want but the EA already provide flood warning information via and also offer a flood alert service for free at

They provide RSS feeds for some data, perhaps there's an API you can hook in to?

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River monitoring stations data

I gather Dave would like to re-use the Environment Agency information on river levels and flow rates as a developer, rather than as a user.

The Environment Agency maintains a network of 1,400 river monitoring stations that provide real-time or near-real-time river level data.

The data is not open, but the EA does make a feed available to third parties on commercial terms. It is listed in the EA's Re-use Register (Price Category: High). 

I don't think the feed provides information on flow rates but it may be possible to calculate that with the addition of other catchment information.

Data from individual monitoring stations is also provided on the EA's website.

Flood warnings and alerts are a separate service, although of course river level data will influence whether a warning or alert is declared.

-- Owen Boswarva, 21/09/2012

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Bumping this thread

Hi, i'd like to bump this thread up. When can we expect to get this data as a matter of routine like the weather? To also clarify i would like to use this data for software development.



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Historical stage too, please!

I would like to be able to access historical flow levels (stage) and flood levels for research purposes but cannot get a hold of these! 

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