Post Office and OS to relax the copyright and licences on UK address and Coordinate data

Many online applications require access to this data for geomapping functionality. Currently due the licencing of this data by these two organisations it is complicated and/or costly to do. Not so the case in the U.S. where online applications are forging ahead in this arena.

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J Caines


Where is the content? This is

Where is the content? This is just a headline.

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Re: Where is the content?

You can find the content to this person's headline here:
Royal Mail postcode GIS - should be public data

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I agree, as long as both the

I agree, as long as both the Post Office and OS have the ability and resources to maintain the datasets. The US approach to data is often quoted as the holy grail, but actually you speak to most Americans and whilst they will tell you having free access to data is great, the data quality is continually declining as nobody has the resources or takes on the responsibility to maintain the datasets. To quote a guy at a recent presentation I was at "Yes are data is free, but to be honest at that price you are being ripped off!"

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Basically the same as my own proposal

I made a more detailed case for this same proposal here:

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Good sense prevails at last! We have been lagging behind the USA without free GEO-Location data for years and it has held us back!

The devil is in the detail however... I await with baited breath.

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postcode and ordnance survey data

Is there a date that this is planned to be released?

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I thought I would never see

I thought I would never see this in my lifetime, and being today I thought it was an April fools day joke......Lets hope its not, Its not the fact that people want eveything for free, but it seems that the cost of £7k/annum to use the data was a tad expensive for a small software developer like myself. I am still trying to find out what is actually going to be available......anybody know ?

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Take a look at the releases

Take a look at the releases today - real progress and signals that the opendata approach is changing the information reality that we are working with across the public sector - all very exciting.

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National Land and Property Gazetteer

Also would be good to have access to and ability to reuse data freely from the
National Land and Property Gazetteer.
National Street Gazetteer

Although if Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey relax their restrictions on use of their location, address & postcode data then will be easier as some of there data is contained within NLPG and NSG although I understand in reducing amounts as they are revised.

I prefer the localities listed in the NSG/NLPG to the Royal Mail's Postal Address File. The PAF based on routing mail through delivery depots often distorts the geographical addressing of locations.

Could some data be realised sooner rather later than from the NSG/NLPG rather than wait till able to realise all. Stripe out Postcodes and Co-ordinates that are derived from Ordnance Survey (any that match OS Mastermap) and then release the rest. I think it would then feed back into savings to the local authorities that maintain the data with some public use of Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) that would not only help in them providing services but with more use feedback into keeping data accurate.

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Code-Point Open

The Ordnance Survey yesterday released Code-Point Open (, and a load of other data, under UK Crown Copyright with rights. See for the licence info.

That means that post code location information is now available under a free licence which allows the data to be used commercially according to a few conditions

It feels like Christmas.

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Excellent idea

I totally agree. In fact, this is exactly what I wrote some time ago on this very website - and I think I made a better case than you have, in favour of what you are proposing. Feel free to peruse my remarks on the subject:
Royal Mail postcode GIS - should be public data

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