Make encanvas free to all users

Encanvas is a data mashup site builder that enables non technical people to design and deploy portal applications that consume information without needing coding or scripting skills. The technology was developed in Oxfordshire by NDMC and is now a US corporation because we couldn't get funding in the UK (sorry!). However, we'd like to invite to make a platform available so that children, entrepreneurs and people with an interest in public information can create their own sites and applications without incurring the complexity of using scripting and coding technologies. This makes information more available to more people in more ways.

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Ian Tomlin


Taxpayer funding for your commercial project???

Appears to be a stump speech for a particular commercial product to be subsidised with the disbursal of large amounts of public (taxpayer) money. No thank you!

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Oh, and one other thing - you

Oh, and one other thing - you really shouldn't vote on your own ideas, especially if you're going to give yourself maximum points. That's seriously bad form, especially when you're commercially motivated.

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BTW it appears that your

BTW it appears that your products only work on Microsoft Windows. How inclusive is that? And how worthy of public funding???

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