Is it possible to publish the council supplier name along with the expenses above £500

Recently I was told that local authorities in ENgland are going to publish all the spending over £500.

I welcome this initiative as it will alllow the public to monitor and track where taxpayers money is being spent.

Moreover, it will allow people and local authorities to benchmark /compare spendings on specific items among themselves.

I suggest that the name of the supplier should also be published along with the expense.(Or atleast should be made availble on request to taxpayers/other councils )

eg. If a Van has been purchased by XYZ council for £40K, and the same van has been purchased by ABC council for £38K, it will instantly highlight the negotiations/saving made by ABC council.

If ABC council bought 10 vans then its a direct saving of £2Kx 10 vans= £20K public money.

Moreover, all the other councils and suppliers all over the UK will be able to see this data and bid accordingly in future. 

Councils will also be in position to see all the bids offered and if they are higher than procurement rates of a specific suppplier, then council should be allowed to source from that particualr supplier (who is offering the same goods/services at lower cost to other councils).

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Council supplier names

The spending data released by councils does include supplier names.  You can download some examples here:

However the data includes only payee, amount, date and the relevant council function.  Unfortunately the data does not provide enough detail on the nature of each transaction (in your example that would be the make and model of van) to make the type of comparisons you are suggesting.

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