Information about volunteer and charity organisations active by area

It would be useful to be able to look up the volunteer and charity organisations active in one's council/city/county and get information concerning both the services they offer and the kinds of volunteer activity they are in need of. This would allow people better access to the services they are in need of, and/or make it easier for them to contribute their time to causes they believe in.

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Timothy Hill


This is something I am keen to develop

Hi Tim, This is something I am keen to develop. If you would like to make contact with me, I would be happy to discuss the creation of this service with you. Kindest regards, David Pidsley

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Local active civil society organisations

Tim wants information about active civil society organisations and volunteering opportunities in his area. He wants to find specific types of services available in his area. He then looks for current volunteering opportunities and the current needs of the organisation to see if he can help.

David Pidsley

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