I read with interest the recent article in the Irish Independent by Sir Tim Berners Lee when he recently attended the 2012 Teradata Universe Conference in Dublin.

We would welcome Sir Tim Berners Lee opinion on our system especially based on his comments at the 2012 Teradata Dublin Conference.

We have devised a database/website/portal (www.fog.ie) to benefit Food businesses, 3rd party service providers (to that sector) and local council inspectorate where all of the data is shared to negate the need for costly 'physical' inspections to check compliancy levels to council limits. Local authority 'approved' service providers simply upload certificates of compliance (for work carried out for their clients) directly onto fog.ie (FOG = fats, oils and greases) by means of a series of usernames and passwords. The Food businesses then accesses the data by means of a variation of the U/N & P/W and then proceeds to issue these U/N's & P/W's so as to provide unfettered access to the council inspectorate to view all of the collated data on their facility from the comfort of their Civic Offices. In addition sample results, digital images of ongoing conditions and even an email alert system, automatically generated to the appropriate personnel if an exceedence is recorded in any of the entered data, forms part of the overall process.

However we are frustrated by local governments insistence on continuing to carry out such 'physical' inspections and therefore not accept the bona fides of the data stored on our client website. It is of course an extremely useful tool for our company from a marketing perspective but it is one which is vastly underused in the greater scheme of things.

Another example is the new EU legislation on the horizon for the monitoring of discharges from Septic Tanks. The same principle, as utilised in fog.ie, can then apply to the reported 465,000 Septic Tank owners in Ireland; i.e. all of the relevant data can be stored for free on a sister site (septic.ie) and be collected by 3rd party 'approved' service providers during the course of their normal maintenance routine calls. This is an especially useful tool when one considers the current embargo on recruiting within Local Government allied to massive fines potentially to be imposed on Ireland if they do not enforce compliancy on Septic Tank discharges to ground water.

We would welcome Sir Tim's views, input and advice on our system which appears to lend itself to his way of thinking and the 'semantic web' concept.

Thank You

Tony Devlin

Chief Consultant fog.ie.

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Tony Devlin