County Court Judgement Data

County Court Judgement data is a matter of public record, anyone willing to pay per search is welcome to the data.

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County Court Data

"Judgment" doesn't have an "e" !!!!

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Judgement is the preferred British spelling

The American spelling is "judgment" and the Oxofrd English dictionary shows this as an acceptable alternative.

So if you check an American English source such as Wikipedia, you will get a result that's not applicable to a UK Government site.

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US versus UK: The Judgement Day

Quite right Anonymouse: Chambers' (US) English dictionary spells it judgment (also judgement). Let us instead be pernickety about pronunciation; which is more often pronounced pronounciation on the 'Beeb'. I also hear that weather is predicted tonight throughout the overnight period; followed by a long spell of sunlight from the word 'go' tomorrow. Meanwhile, those who can least afford to be ripped off by rogues, have to pay multiples of £4 per item to check the CCJ database. So poorer folk will now become more likely to be targetted by the crooks... but let's ignore that truism to concentrate on whether targetted should have two 't's or three.

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Correct form in England and

Correct form in England and Wales is "judgment".  See this link the UK Supreme Court...errr....judgment:

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Correct Form

There is a distinction in UK between the Judgments of Courts (no 'e') and the Judgement of persons.  Thus the Judge uses judgement in making his Judgment.  It's a useful distinction.

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County Court Judgement data

If 'County Court Judgement data is a matter of 'public record', why should the public have to pay for the information data?

By the way: the Registry Trust Ltd already provide this information for a fee!


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CCJ register is very limited

I have a friend who is being chased by bailiffs for a court fine.  Trouble is that its from Kingston upon Hull county court - and she hasn't lived up there for 12 years.   The Trust Online register only shows cases up to 6 years old.   The bailiffs are not being helpful - despite being asked for a copy of the court order.

So if this information is in the "public record" - where is it?


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If you don't acknowledge a

If you don't acknowledge a debt for a period of 6 years it is unenforcable. Tell your friend to take advice

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It costs £4 per search per

It costs £4 per search per type of court

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Your website is broken, the search function does not work!

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Spelling please

Not to split hairs however there's
No "e" in a legal "judgment"

As any fule kno!

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Pay per search

Why should I have to pay to find out something that is a matter po public record?

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CCJ Consumer Debt Data

We have compiled a 'consumer debt clock' which shows data from consumer CCJs:

Let me know if it's of any help.

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CCJ debt clock

to which time scale does this apply please?

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County Court Judgement Data

Hi folks, 

About a month back we had a new client and as a policy we had to check their backgrounds and financials including if they have any CCJ against them or anything alarming. The other day when i needed to check some information for my work, I found out one very good website to find Company data and reports including CCJ, which came to be the cheapsest.

Hope it will help. 


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