0845 numbers translated into real numbers

Provide a simple tool to translate a Government contact number / helpline (0845/0844/0345 etc) into a real geographic number. This means that those of us who pay for telephone calls in packages can call governement helplines for free. Adding a simple drop down list that provides number for selected helpline.

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Adam Joseph



I share the sentiment. As an early example of greater transparency through 'people power' on the web, saynoto0870 does a pretty good job of publishing real alternatives. On the other hand, government departments could always reject the use of 0845 numbers.

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Alternative Numbers


You can also try SavvyCaller.com which lists out alternative freephone and local rate numbers for loads of UK businesses.

You can search by company name or by phone number.

Hope this helps.

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Already exists

http://saynoto0870.com/ already exists that does essentially the same job.

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The saynoto0870.com only

The saynoto0870.com only lists those numbers which other people have found by accident.  It does not MAKE organisations list geographic numbers.  Also it is not always up to date.  with the ammount of technology about these days I'm sure if someone calls 01935 and that call centre is busy it could be diverted to the 01392 etc etc.

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Benefits to NGNs

The problem with a geographic phone numbers for services is that it's impossible to move their location from one place to another without significant difficulty or expense in changing and publicising the new number.

For example, I know of one place where incoming calls are routed through a location over 100 miles away from where they're actually answered.

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toll free number

Toll free number such as the 0800 number offers free call. But most business uses 0845 due to the fact that they don't need to pay for the calls made by the callers.

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The problem with 0800 numbers

The problem with 0800 numbers is that mobile companies charge when you make them.

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You may also see the release of 0300 numbers which seems to be an useful halfway house. The numbers are non-geographic but also calling these numbers is increasingly included in talk plans. best of both

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The reason why they use 0845 numbers is so they can create virtual call centres.

This means that call volumes can be matched to call centres with more resource. Otherwise, if you use local numbers, one area may be experiencing high call volumes, and another sitting idle.

This is not possible with local numbers.

The other option would be to move to 0800 numbers, but would require an small increase in taxes to pay for it, I would estimate an extra quid or two a month.

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03 numbers have been

03 numbers have been specifically setup to allow non-geographic calls to be be made at the cost of geographic calls, however the take up of those new numbers hasn't been great.

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App that does that

There is an app for the iPhone that find alternative numbers for 0845 and other numbers.

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Legislation by OFCOM

I've heard that there is supposed to be some OFCOM legislation coming in soon to reduce the high call charges for non geographic numbers on mobiles, but I haven't really heard any news for some months. Does anyone know about it? For the time being, I would suggest the "0870" application for iphone and android phones, and also the popular "say no to 0870" website.

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Can't 0845 numbers be charged

Can't 0845 numbers be charged local rates by mobile operators (i.e., included in allowances) instead of trying to change the number?

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