ITE Land Classification of Great Britain 1998

Published by Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.   Licensed under “If you reuse this data you must cite this dataset: Bunce, R. G. H., Barr, C. J., Clarke, R. T., Howard, D. C., Lane, A. M. J. (1998) ITE Land Classification of Great Britain 1998. NERC-Environmental Information Data Centre doi: 10.5285/971671a6-98b4-4d80-b165-21dace7373b9”. Read More
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Provider: NERC Environmental Information Data Centre

Responsible Party: EIDC Hub (custodian); Institute of Terrestrial Ecology (author); Parr Section (resourceProvider); Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (pointOfContact); NERC Environmental Information Data Centre (publisher)


The Land Classification 1998 is a classification of Great Britain into a set of 40 environmental strata, termed land classes, to be used as a basis for ecological survey, originally developed by the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology (ITE) in the late 1970s and building upon a previous 1990 version. The strata were created from the multivariate analysis of 75 environmental variables, including climatic data, topographic data, human geographical features and geology data. The Land Classification can be used to stratify a wide range of ecological and biogeographical surveys to improve the efficiency of collection, analysis and presentation of information derived from a sample. The Land Classification 1998 provided stratification for the Countryside Survey of Great Britain 2000 and was adjusted from the 1990 version as a consequence of needing to provide National Estimates for habitats for Scotland from Countryside Survey 2000 in addition to GB as a whole. The dataset was later modified in 2007 during Countryside Survey 2007. Both the 1990 version and the 2007 version are also available via the CEH Information Gateway.

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Dataset Extent

Latitude: 60.8504° to 49.8372°
Longitude: -9.2277° to 2.68763°

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Added to 02/11/2011
Theme Environment
Temporal coverage 31/12/1998
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Harvest date 22/12/2014 12:00
Metadata date 18/12/2014
Harvest GUID 971671a6-98b4-4d80-b165-21dace7373b9
Extent Latitude: 60.850441° to 49.83726°
Longitude: -9.227701° to 2.687637°
Spatial reference system 27700
Dataset reference date 31/12/1998 (publication)
Frequency of update notPlanned
Responsible party EIDC Hub (custodian); Institute of Terrestrial Ecology (author); Parr Section (resourceProvider); Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (pointOfContact); NERC Environmental Information Data Centre (publisher)
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