BGS Detailed Bedrock and Superficial geology (OGC WxS)

Published by British Geological Survey.   Licensed under “For use limitations of datasets served by this service please refer to the metadata for those data.”.
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Provider: British Geological Survey

Responsible Party: British Geological Survey (publisher)


This Web Map Service (WMS) serves geological data from the 1: 50 000 DiGMapGB data covering the whole of the United Kingdom (Digital Geological Map Data of Great Britain 50k - DiGMapGB-50). Note: This WMS was released as part of OpenGeoscience ( This service can be viewed using any compliant WMS client at

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Dataset Extent

Latitude: 60.8400° to 49.7700°
Longitude: -8.6500° to 2.0000°

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Source GEMINI2 record
Source GEMINI2 record (formatted)

Additional Information

Added to 03/06/2011
Temporal coverage 30/11/2009 - 30/11/2009
Harvest URL
Harvest Date 17/08/2012 10:50
Harvest GUID 4d0324f8-7491-4419-a5b9-2611150aa85e
Extent Latitude: 60.8400° to 49.7700°
Longitude: -8.6500° to 2.0000°
Spatial reference system urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326
Metadata date 16/8/2012
Dataset reference date 30/11/2009 (publication)
Frequency of update asNeeded
Responsible party British Geological Survey (publisher)
Access constraints The data in this service are designed for the 1:50000 scale but can be viewed in this WMS between 1:75000 and 1:10000 (Only). The data are available for free download on the basis it is only used for your personal, teaching, and research purposes provided all are non-commercial in nature as described on Where commercial use is required, licences are available from the British Geological Survey (BGS). Your use of any information provided by the BGS is at your own risk. BGS gives no warranty, condition or representation as to the quality, accuracy or completeness of the information or its suitability for any use or purpose. All implied conditions relating to the quality or suitability of the information, and all liabilities arising from the supply of the information (including any liability arising in negligence) are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.
Metadata language English
Gemini2 resource type service
Gemini2 service type view
Date added computed No value
Date updated computed No value
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