List of Grade I and II* listed buildings in England

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Katie Chan
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Voluntary sector or not-for-profit organisation
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Wikimedia UK
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Data is not published
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Unlike Scotland (Historic Scotland), Wales (Cadw) & Northern Ireland (Department of the Environment) where the information is available under the Open Government Licence, the information for England is only available from English Heritage on a non-commercial basis.
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Community Work
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English Heritage
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Split the data into a number of smaller list by counties (or smaller area), which can then be made available on the English Wikipedia. See <> for example of structure and <,_New_York> for an example of what it may look like. The lists can then be utilised for the UK to take part in the world's largest photo competition <> : Wiki Loves Monuments.
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The UK is one of the largest technological advanced country, and one of very few European countries that have not taken part in Wiki Loves Monuments <>. By taking part in Wiki Loves Monuments, we will expect to gain approximately 10,000 photographs of buildings of national or international importance and interest. These photographs will all be available for public reuse on Wikimedia Commons under free licenses. A number of these will also be used to illustrate individual articles on our listed buildings, as well as the lists previously created on Wikipedia, one of the world's most popular website and the de facto location for information for most people.
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Request is public.
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Data already available
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With thanks to Owen Boswarva for providing the links to listed buildings in England

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A complete list of all Grade I and Grade II* listed buildings in England including unique reference number, name, grade, date listed, and area the building is in.
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The data is available but the licensing terms are too restrictive


Listed Buildings open data from English Heritage

England Heritage has actually made spatial data for Listed Buildings available under the Open Government Licence (OGL), i.e. as open data. The dataset may be downloaded from this page maintained by the Environment Agency:

The dataset was last updated in August 2012, so may not be as current as the full information available by searching on the English Heritage website:

The OGL dataset includes the old UIDs (Listed Building Numbers) from the English Heritage legacy system but not the list entry numbers now used as the main reference on the website.

The OGL dataset also does not show the local authority area. However it would be a simple GIS exercise to add that information by cross-referencing with OS Boundary-Line administrative boundaries.

-- Owen Boswarva, 26/03/2013


For non-GIS users, here is an Excel workbook containing the underlying tabular data for all Grade I and Grade II* Listed Buildings in England. I've added point coordinates and local authority information for each entry.

-- Owen Boswarva, 02/04/2013

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