Job Center Plus jobs (now known as Universal JobMatch)

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Alex McAuley
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Start up
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Data is not published
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As explained above regarding the feed setup
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Personal Use
Community Work
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Universal Jobmatch (what was the Job center plus)
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I will continue to give users a decent working website to search for jobs that is not limited and buggy and actually works.
Benefits overview: 
The gerneral TAX PAYING public will continue to have access to tax payer funded data in an easy to use, simple, fast, efficient and working website that did not waste £20M of anyone's money building
Are you able to provide estimates?: 
Taking into account the bandwidth saved by users not using the Universal Jobmatch site and also time saved using a website that actually works and the number of people sent back to work we estimate that this data will save the tax payer around £50,000 per week.
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Request is public.
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Escalated due to quality/format issue
Data set description: 
The Jobs that are on this new (terrible) website have been paid for with tax payers money - Monster charged £20M for this website that I wouldv'e built in 3 weeks and charged no more than £5,000 for. This is a terrible waste of tax payers money and as such the data should be released on a daily basis for others whom don't wish to use the poorly designed, badly built and buggy website a copy of this data as a feed on a daily basis. There used to be a pro-bono service a user of the site offered (a link of which is on providing this data free of charge but since the new website has launched (universal job match) this is now a forbidden task.
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Open Government licence

There is a disturbing confusion between the Terms of Service and the Open Government licence. If II recall correctly all governenment departments are supposed to clearly indicate if the material  can be used or not  under the terms of the OGL, not hide behind a confusing grab bag of generic website useage clauses. I might also point out some of those TOS clauses are unenforceable, discriminatory and contradictory. As for the clauses 4.5.3 and  7.6 in particular ...

We do not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of User Content or of any other information supplied by other users of this site. 

Given that I personally have had to contact the old site on numerous occasions to pull them up about job adverts that were clearly bogus, designed to obtain personal information and banking details from the gullible  this statment is particulary worrying. According to the new rules me being a concerned citizen looking out for the safety of  my fellow man does not constitute 'personal use' and therefore may be prosecuted for actually helping HMG and her subjects.

Anyhow a  quick search of  reveals they have no qualms about re-using the vacancy information given only to but not being able to see the contract them and the DWP one can only speculate on the legality of that. Meanwhile the Google search spider and other data gathering API's are certainly not encountering any difficulties extracting data for commercial purposes.

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