Consumer Credit Register

Your name: 
Paul Malyon
Organisation type: 
Large Company (Over 250 employees)
Organisation name: 
Issue type: 
Data is not published
Further detail: 
While the data is available freely, there is no bulk download or API access to make it easy to use. Currently, a large amount of manual searching and processing must be done to find relevant updates and new entries.
Suggested use: 
Business Use
Data holder: 
Office of Fair Trading
Further detail: 
Updates such as new licensees, terminations and so on are often required by B2B organisations as part of their normal risk assessment processes for suppliers and customers. Having to manually search and then process this data is costly and time consuming.
Benefits overview: 
Reduced costs for existing services. Potential new services. Potential new entrants into the credit / risk market. Better sources of information for consumers to avoid the risk of agreeing to credit from unlicensed providers.
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Publication preference: 
Request is public.
Review status: 
Escalated due to quality/format issue
Data set description: 
The consumer credit register contains a record of all consumer credit license holders, applications and cessation of licenses. It is available publicly via the website The site allows searches for organisations and for general changes to the register via the CCA Bulletin function.
Data themes: 
Have you faced challenges in accessing this data?: 
The data is published but not in a format I can download and use (e.g. only displayed onscreen or only downloadable as a PDF rather than CVS)