Submitted by Callum Stevens 6 days 10 hours ago
I am looking for any UK data that dates back 200-300 years, so that I can see trends with related financial data. So how GDP correlates with health or environment for example. If you know of any open data that goes back this far on near abouts please let...
Submitted by ankit_sinha 1 week 12 hours ago On behalf of Bean Partners Ltd.
Dear Sir/Madame, I am conducting research on landlord repossessions in the UK and would like to request any and all site usage data that you may have for the government portal 'Possession Claim Online' (URL: https://www.gov.uk/possession-...
Submitted by jessfos 1 week 13 hours ago
A shape file, polygon format of National Trust's properties in England. Suitable for use in ArcMap 10.2.1
Submitted by Ambeya Begum 1 week 22 hours ago
I am currently doing research for my final year dissertation. I have decided to base it on the effect of changes in management to organisational culture within the NHS. Is there a database which will provide me with a list of names of people who have...
Submitted by TimDavies 1 week 2 days ago
Suppliers interacting with government are required to sign-up to the Supplier Intelligence Database at https://sid4gov.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/. This service generates 'SID4GOV' Identifiers for each supplier, against which key supplier...

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